The Trommel Building is a 15 year old building located at the Edmonton waste management site. Due to the heavy moisture located in this recycling building the roof and walls had become unsafe and hazardous for the employees working at the plant.Grey Lion was hired by Carlson Construction to remove the building roof and wall sheeting, secondary members and replace them with new ones. This was a dangerous task as the roof was so rotten that standing on it to work was not an option. Grey Lion completed the project ahead of schedule and under budget. 



This new building for Quadra Industrial was built 10km south of Fort McMurray and consists of a 9,500sf shop and 7,500sf two storey office. This project features high insulation R values in the roof (R40) by utilizing a built up roofing system and cavity filling the void space. The extensive stonework and windows created a very attractive finished product.



TJ Sagoo trucking is a 14,000 sqft Building in Sherwood Park. The building was completed with insulated panels on the exterior walls. Insulated panels have 24 gauge metal on the inside as well as the outside, a superior R value, and are faster to install when compared to regular metal building type cladding. Many owners prefer the aesthetics of the insulated panels over traditional cladding type exteriors. One of the other key selling features of the insulated panels is the inside is finished as well leaving no need to install extra cladding to the inside face of the building walls.



The new SMS Truck Shop building presented its fair share of unique challenges. This 72’ high pre engineered building, from Varco Pruden, was built onto an existing structure and the site had very limited area for laydown and equipment. The facility had a 100 ton overhead crane inside, and two large overhead doors 42’ high and 45’ wide. Grey Lion installed the primary and secondary steel by building the bays on the ground and hoisting into place, reducing equipment time and increasing the speed of the install. The roof system on this building has a 12” thick insulation system, producing a R40 insulation value. This was accomplished by installing a liner system above the purlins and installing a secondary purlin system with clips and channels. The void is then filled with insulation and the standing seam roof installed last.


"I would strongly recommend Grey Lion to anyone looking to have concrete work performed."

Lorenzo Donini, Manager, Material Processing and Municipal Development at GFL Environmental, Solid Waste—Western Canada